Sign your child up as a user with your MitID

You have chosen to sign your child up as a user of Fredensborg Libraries with your MitID.

As a user of Fredensborg Libraries your child gets access to the physical libraries in Fredensborg Kommune as well as free access to online service that Fredensborg Libraries subscribe to. The latter only applies if your child is an official resident of Fredensborg Kommune.

>>> Sign your child up as a user with MitID <<<

We recommend that you read the below information before signing your child up.

> Read the library rules

Opening hours

The physical libraries have both serviced and self-serviced opening hours. During the self-serviced opening hours you can enter the library using your social security card (sundhedskort) and your pin number.

> See the opening hours


You are responsible for your child's behavior in the library.

Certain materials (for instance some movies) are subject to age limits. Underage users are automatically assigned a user category based on age which prevents them from borrowing these materials.

If your child returns their loans too late, or perhaps lose a borrowed library material, you as a parent/legal guardian, and thereby economically responsible for your child, will be charged a fee or receive a bill for the lost material.

Library card

When you sign your child up as a user, you accept that the library can provide the child with a physical library card, for instance in connection with their school's library orientation. If you do not want that, you must, after signing your child up, contact the library and request that your child doesn't get a library card. The child, however, will always be able to use their cpr-number and pin number to borrow library materials or enter the self-service library.

Data security

We, of course, take good care of you  and your child's data. 

> Red Fredensborg Libraries GDPR declaration (in Danish)